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Infant Programs

Infants to WalkingParadigm’s infants are greeted daily by the same familiar faces and hugs when parents drop them off.

Our phenomenal teachers understand that learning begins at birth and encourage that learning by giving your baby a variety of objects to look at, stories, songs and music to listen to, and sensory items to touch and snuggles to feel!

Whether reading to our infants, playing peek-a-boo, or snuggling with a song our infants are exposed to the sounds of our language constantly which is so important to their cognitive growth.

Babies have their own crib and the attention of the same staff members daily with a 4:1 ratio and low staff turn over.  Our sleeping babies are in a quiet, darker room that is separate from our play and eating area.  This allows for a more peaceful rest during naptime.

Parents receive a written report daily including all meals, diaper changes, and sleep schedules.  Older siblings are allowed to visit babies during the day and Mom’s that can leave work are more than welcome to come and nurse in private in a rocking chair.

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