Kicking Your Day Off Right!

Mornings can be rough for some, and a delight for others. With young children, they often become stressful and rushed. There are a few things that you can do to help get you and your children off to a great start in the morning!

Tips For Great Mornings

  • Don’t Rush

    Make time in the morning to spend time with your kids before you take them to preschool and head to work. Give your family an extra 15 minutes to spend some time together before preparing for the day ahead. Snuggle on the couch for a favorite cartoon, read a book, or get in a little play time with your kids. This will significantly boost their mood for the day. Often times parents will give their kids just enough time to get ready and go. After getting off work, eating dinner, and getting ready for bed quality parent time is limited. Rushing your child out the door in the morning to spend even more time away from mom and dad can upset a child, resulting in tough behaviors.

    Great Mornings

  • Give them the option

    Give your kids the freedom to choose what they would like for breakfast. Of course, we aren’t talking about giving them cake and ice cream if that’s what they want, but suggesting some healthy options for them to choose from is a great idea. Allow your child to select from a few clothing options as well, or let them choose what shirt or shoes they want to wear. Doing so can help improve your child’s self-sufficiency and allow them to feel involved.

  • Keep it Healthy

    Try to incorporate protein and carbs into your child’s breakfast. Eggs, cheese, meat or milk are great ways to give your child protein. As far as incorporating carbohydrates, fruit, wheat bread, or whole grain cereal are good choices. Giving your child a properly balanced meal will give them the boost of energy needed to get through the day until lunch.

  • Make it interesting

    Get creative with your child’s breakfast! Whether you do eggs in a basket or Mickey Mouse pancakes, this will entertain your child. Making them want what it is you are going to serve. This is especially helpful with picky toddlers who are tough to find something they will eat!

After improving your family’s morning routine, you will be surprised at the boost of energy during the day. You will also notice how your mood has become more positive, and how much less hectic your morning will become! Finally, contact us today at Paradigm for all your childcare needs.