First Day of Preschool

As you watch your baby girl or boy enter their classroom, a sudden rush of emotion floods you. There’s excitement, fear and some sadness to be sure. Despite that, as your child turns back around to wave their goodbye, you know this is just another new beginning. So you smile, wave back and tell your baby to go on, knowing that they will probably have the most enjoyable time on there first day of preschool.

Getting a  Head Start

The preparation and readiness program for your child’s first day of school is part of that new beginning. You can give your child the head start they need by being ready.  At Paradigm, it’s all about preparation. A week prior to your child’s first day of preschool, we encourage the parents to come in to finalize paperwork, get their key cards (this helps the parents to access the rooms throughout the building) and bring in stuff for their child’s “cubby.” We cover the essentials but there are items your child might want or need such as:

  • A change of clothes
  • Indoor shoes
  • A travel size pillow with a blanket

If your child is a half day preschooler, you will not need to bring a pillow or blanket; the pillows and blankets are used only for full day preschoolers when it’s nap time.

Your First Day of Preschool at Paradigm

Following up to the day before your child’s first day of preschool, we recommend that they get a good night’s rest. It’s always a good idea to prepare a nice breakfast for your child to eat before leaving out for school. Be sure to arrive by 9am for school. See how long the drive will be from your house to Paradigm. If you live north of M59 in Waterford for example, give yourself enough time to make adjustments for morning traffic or construction. Once you and your child arrive to Paradigm, it’s vital to keep the goodbyes short andFirst Day of preschool sweet. If you prolong your goodbyes with your children, it can cause separation anxiety. But, no need to worry! If your child is crying or feeling down, we will quickly get them distracted with an activity as you make your exit. On the first day of preschool, the only thing your child will need is their backpack (if that). Backpacks aren’t required and we provide all of the school supplies, meals and snacks. Everything else that they will need will already be in their cubbies.

Early Preschool Enrollment

Starting preschool is a huge milestone for your child. Not only is it a big achievement for your son or daughter, it’s a turning point for yourself as well. Enrolling your child in preschool for the very first time comes with an abundance of emotions. There’s usually a great amount of excitement, tears, anxiety, and joy from both the parents and child. Now that you can have this information about the first day, you can get a head start by getting signed up with Early Preschool Enrollment which has already started at both of our locations. The best time to enroll your 3 or 4 year old child for is now! The first day of preschool is a big deal, but enrolling your child into our child care center will make it worth it. If you’re interested in enrolling your child into Paradigm’s head start program, please fill out our enrollment form. We look forward to meeting you and your son or daughter!