Creating Holiday Traditions with Your Child

Ideas for New Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

Nothing creates memories like holiday traditions with your child. When celebrating the holiday traditions will carry on year after year. Making your own family’s traditions can be fun and exciting, which is why we came up with a few ideas for some traditions for your family!

Holiday Books

When it’s that special time of year you should embrace it while helping your child’s development. Reading with your child will help them develop new skills while teaching your child old and new holiday stories. You can even use this time to teach your child about all the other holidays celebrated during this time of year. Books about Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, and other traditional Christmas traditions will help your child learn about the history that surrounds this time of year.  

Seasonal Celebrations in Your Community

Does your community have activities or fun times planned around this time of year? Get out and enjoy them! Things like Christmas parades, tree lighting ceremonies, local Christmas attractions, plays and performances, and town holiday traditions create memories and get you out into your local community. Pick out which activities you want to participate in and try them out. The Metro Detroit area has lots of seasonal activities and events, so see what’s going on in your neck of the woods! 

Holiday Cookies

Baking cookies with your children is an activity that your children will love and get to enjoy later. Letting your child help make the cookies and then decorate them will not only create wonderful holiday memories but also help them develop life skills as well. Let your children help with measuring the ingredients, whipping up the frosting, and decorating their cookies. Teaching them life skills like baking, counting, and measuring are great skills to start learning!

Pick a Family Holiday Movie Night

While other traditions may fade away, a traditional Christmas movie night will stand the test of time. It will get your little one (and you) into the spirit of the holiday while allowing for family bonding time. The best part? As your little one grows you can introduce them to your favorite holiday movies and keep the tradition alive well into adulthood.

The most important thing with creating holiday traditions is making them your own. These little things that you do with your child now will leave a lasting impression and warm memories for them to look back on. The biggest thing about making traditions is making them your own.