Hearing Loss In Young Children

Hearing loss in children can happen and catching it is the key to treamentWhen you think of hearing loss, you generally think of elderly adults and hearing aids as a natural part of aging. Even though hearing loss is common among aging older adults, children can also suffer from acute hearing loss as well. Hearing problems can be a detriment to a child’s development if not caught early on. Being able to hear their teacher is critical for young minds to grow and develop.

You may notice it as your child develops that they seem like they can’t hear you or are not responding to when you call them. Thankfully there are tests that can help determine if you child is suffering from loss of hearing. The signs are different at every age and with modern advances in medicine, you can help you child lead a normal life.

This month at Paradigm we are partnering up with Oakland county to test our four-year-olds for hearing loss. We will keep parents informed about the results of the tests and if any further follow-up with a physician will be necessary for any hearing loss treatments.

We have a few signs of hearing loss you can look for if you are concerned about your child’s hearing

Signs that you child has hearing loss  

In Younger children:

-Not responding to their name

-Starts to speak louder than previously

For older children:

– Your child seems to look as if they are trying harder or concentrating more to understand you, the tv, or teachers

-They may sit closer to the tv or ask for the volume to be higher

-Leans one ear in when you talk or identifies a “good ear”

-Your child doesn’t respond when called or claims they didn’t hear you

-Your child asks you to repeat yourself or asks “What?” more often.

If you suspect your child has a hearing impairment, consult with their pediatrician. There are many treatment options available.

We here at Paradigm want to give your little one a strong start on their path to school and life, that’s why we will be administering hearing tests later this month. We will be sending home information about it a little later into the month.