Outdoor Spring Activities For You and Your Child

After the long and cold winter, we’re sure you and your kids are going stir crazy. Being indoors all winter long has your kids (and maybe you) craving the outdoors and getting out all that excess energy. Getting your child out of the house and unplugging from electronics is good for their developing minds and exposes them to the outdoor elements.

Spring is not only good for helping your child grow and develop, but it also helps them exercise their imagination and learn valuable life skills. From hand-eye coordination to problem-solving, outdoor activities are part of a healthy childhood. We here at Paradigm believe so much in the outdoor time we work it into our daily schedule at our enrichment centers. But what about time outside of Paradigm? We have a few ideas! Here are a few awesome outdoor spring activities you and your child can enjoy!

Outdoor Spring Activities ideas from Paradigm Child Care

Child-Friendly Outdoor Spring Activities

Start A Garden-
Teaching your child about gardening and plants opens them up to a wonderful world of science, food, and even teaches responsibility. Starting seeds in April will ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy whatever you grow later in the summer. Don’t want a vegetable garden or don’t have enough space? Maybe a flower garden or potted plants are more up your alley. Let your child pick out a flower or color they like and watch their excitement grow! Gardening is great for tactile learners and will help your child learn about where food comes from

Go for a Walk in Your Local Park or Nature Center
Getting your child out in nature is the perfect way to teach them about the world around them and let them experience nature. Doing a day in the park or nature reserve is great for learning experiences and to explore and adventure!

Just don’t forget the proper shoe gear! Generally, around this time of year, the ground is still wet and cold. Just make sure that you all are wearing the right rain boots or waterproof`

Sidewalk Chalk, Outdoor Games, and Bike Rides

Riding bikes and outdoor games are great for getting all that energy out in a healthy way. Learning to ride a bike or go for a bike ride is one way you and your child can enjoy the Spring weather. For a more creative outlet sidewalk chalk is a perfect activity!

We hope you liked these ideas and try some of them out this Spring! For more tips and tricks in the Spring check out our blog!