The Importance of Flu Shots for Your Child

The importance of flu shots for kids

With the flu season coming up, it is necessary to take all precautions. Also, it is good to learn the importance of flu shots for your child and other family members. Here is a list of things that may keep your family healthy:

  • Wash hands frequently. This is a very common method of fighting germs that people can sometimes forget. Be sure to wash your hands, especially after you sneeze or a cough to avoid spreading more germs.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. This is the easiest way for germs to enter the body. Also, if you do have a little itch on your eye or nose, try rubbing it through a sleeve or avoiding it completely.
  • Get your flu shot. If everyone gets a flu shot, there is less of a chance to get infected. Have everyone get a flu shot every year to prohibit the influenza virus from entering the body and wrecking havoc.
  • Stop biting your fingernails! Germs bury themselves underneath the nail and biting them is just an easier way to digest them. Plus, it makes your nails weaker.
  • A cough and sneeze in the crook of the elbow. This allows the germs to be trapped in your elbow and not on your hands where you can pass it on.

The worst part of the flu and the importance of  flu shots

The worst part of getting your kids sick is arguably the time you need to take off work to take care of them. Because of the severity of the flu and how easily it is passed on, sick children are not allowed at daycare. In addition, to return, you must have a doctor’s note depending on how bad the flu was. The flu isn’t just the flu to kids with autoimmune disease or cancer. Also, the results can be much more dangerous if a child’s immune system doesn’t work properly.

If you think someone in your family is getting sick, take them to a doctor right away. It starts off with just a sore throat but can evolve into someone much worse like fever and organ failure.

Finally, if you have any more questions concerning child care or the flu virus, please contact us today.