Infant Day Care Program In Waterford

When it comes to infant day care in Waterford, the top choice is the Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center. Give your child a great start to quality at Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center. Our Waterford child care center has been ranked with 4 Infant Day Care Program In Waterfordout of 4 stars for having a great child care program. Also, Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center received a perfect score from a Great Start to Quality in the following categories:

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Environment
  • Administration & Management
  • Family & Community Partnerships

They also highlighted our curriculum and how we take our students on an educational journey through our dramatic play area, math and science classroom, large motor area, music theater, library, multi-cultural classroom, computer lab, and art classrooms. We take pride in providing the best educational experience for each child.

Infant Day Care In Waterford

In addition to infants, we are one of the top toddler day care in Waterford as well.  From infant to school age, we provide a quality learning environment for kids of all ages. Our directors are caring teachers that have decades of experience in child care. In addition to our staff, our facilities are some of the best in Michigan.

At Paradigm Care & Enrichment, we provide a clean and safe environment and follow all CDC guidelines. When it comes to your child’s safety we take it very seriously. Sanitation and cleanliness are always top priorities at Paradigm.  In addition, we follow all instructions from the parents on feeding and handling your children.

Now enrolling babies for our infant daycare program in Waterford. If you know anyone looking for infant daycare or baby care in Union Lake, White Lake, or Commerce Township, please let them know that there is a place for their infants at Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center. Finally, contact us today to learn more about our baby care programs in both our great locations.