Steps To Help Your Child Prepare For Reading

Steps To Help Your Child Prepare For Reading

Even if your child isn’t reading quite yet, it’s never too soon to help them prepare for reading. From learning and recognizing letters to learning about the world around them, reading is essential.

Laying a foundation for reading with your child

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, any time is a good time to read to them. Children are constantly learning, and reading with them will help their brains develop and learn more about the world around them. Not only will you be introducing skills such as listening but you’ll also start developing a language foundation.

Read with Your Child Every Night to Prepare for Reading

Creating a habit of reading every night will not only help them wind down for bed, but you’ll also be teaching them how spoken English sounds which is a precursor to reading. Through reading aloud with your child every night, you’ll be laying the groundwork for a successful reader while creating warm memories you both with cherishing your entire lives.

Learning and begin to Recognize letters of the alphabet

Reading books about the alphabet and singing the alphabet song helps expose your child to letters and the foundation of the English language. You’ll teach your child about the sounds of the alphabet, what the letters look like, and what words start with that letter. Makes guessing games or I spy games with letters for even more repetition and learning!

Repetition is key to Prepare for Reading

Even if you’ve read the same book over and over, keep it up! Reading the same book helps your child’s reading comprehension grow and helps their development. So even if you feel like you’ve read a story a million times, read it again!

We hope that June is a great month for you and your little one. So pick up a book and enjoy reading with your child this month. Finally, schedule a visit today at one of our facilities.