Benefits of Having a School Garden

Benefits of Having a School GardenThere are many benefits of having a school garden. At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center, the longer days and hotter sun create the best environment for our outdoor activities. One of the highlights of our outdoor springtime program is our school-wide garden.

It is one of the reasons why Paradigm is one of the best preschools in Michigan! All students participate in maintaining and growing this garden. You might be wondering what makes gardening such an ideal outdoor activity. Furthermore, what are these benefits?

Ideal Outdoor Activity

When you live in Michigan, the ideal time to plant seeds is between April and May. During this time frame, daycares are transitioning into new outdoor activities after a long winter. A continuous activity like gardening engages all five senses. Your child will develop a better understanding of the world around them through touching the soil, smelling the fruits and vegetables being grown, hearing the sounds of these plants, seeing the variety of colors, and eventually tasting the produce they grow.

In addition, gardening is a science. It is a perfect time to answer those curious questions. Why are leaves green? Why do they need sunlight? You can even turn your gardening activity into a science experiment. Children can plant their seeds in different areas to see the rate of their growth. It is never too early for STEM! However, the main reason that gardening is an ideal outdoor activity is that it teaches responsibility and community. Teaching young children how to plant, water, and weed plants helps them learn to take responsibility. A school garden is shared by the entire school, meaning students learn to be mindful and help each other while gardening. However, it is more than an ideal outdoor activity. It also has many benefits!

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening has amazing benefits, especially for young children. Studies have shown that school gardening correlates with better-standardized test scores. However, it’s not just about grades. As mentioned above, this ideal outdoor activity engages the five senses, gives an early start on science, and develops responsibility and community within children. Yet, this is only the beginning of the benefits. Children have early exposure to healthy food choices through gardening. A picky eater will change their tune once they can eat something they create. Gardening also helps prevent discipline problems, including in children with ADHD and autism.

There is also a lot of planning and organizing. By sorting the seeds, figuring out their placement, and setting up a watering schedule, your child will learn basic organization skills! In addition,  children learn how to be patient while gardening. After all, it takes a lot of time and care to grow plants. It provides a perfect environment to learn patience through an exciting outdoor activity.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

As one of the best preschools in Michigan, Paradigm knows the benefits of having a school garden. Our students will learn skills that will help them well into the future. Furthermore, it brings school pride and spirit to have our Paradigm kids working together. While a school garden is amazing, having a family garden is great as well. Starting a garden at home will give all the benefits of a school garden, except it builds up your relationships! So, get your hands dirty! Paradigm has our springtime garden program available to you!

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