Preparing for Summertime

preparing children for summertime

With the summer approaching, it is time to start preparing for the changes in weather, schedules and other changes the season brings. Although school is out for most children, parents still have to keep up with their work schedules and other activities. For many families, that means preparing properly for the change in schedules and lining up childcare. At Paradigm, we offer a Summer Day Care Program for children from K-7th grade. This might help some parents handle the transition. For others, here are a few things that can help to prepare your children for the summertime.

Maintain a Schedule During Summer

While children are excited when school ends, it also means that their structured schedule is also gone. The easy way would be to let your child sleep in and stay up late, especially on the weekends. However, you would be better off maintaining a type of school schedule. Consistent meal times and bedtime schedules will help make your child comfortable in the longer term. Children thrive on predictability, so a consistent schedule for the summer is an excellent idea. Vacations and special events like 4th of July parties, camping trips and traveling can be the exceptions which give them the breaks they (and you) need.

Get Outdoors

The summertime provides the perfect weather to get outdoors! Although children feel comfortable at home, it is important to get your kids away from their screens. Plan some regular trips to the park and pool to get some family bonding time in. Promote your child to play in the backyard or ride around on their scooter or bike. Organized or even sandlot sports keeps them fit and engaged.

Have a Support System

Even if you have childcare lined up, it is important to rely on your support system. With your children no longer in school, being part of a community to help with support important. When their best friends or close relatives go on separate vacations, your child may feel isolated and lonely. Most localities have summer programs and many events where you kids can meet new friends and engage in activities with others. It’s also a good time to reach out to more distant relatives and family friends. Having a community of friends and family can help keep your child happy and healthy during their summer break.