Affordable Infant Daycare White Lake Charter Township, Michigan

Finding an infant daycare center in White Lake Charter Township, Michigan can be a challenge. Finding an affordable day care can be even more of a challenge. Paradigm Childcare and Enrichment takes pride in being a highly rated, affordable infant daycare White Lake Charter Township, Michigan. Parents who live in White Lake Charter Township can put their mind at ease knowing Paradigm Childcare and Enrichment is the best daycare to take their infant! Making sure that you as parents are comfortable with your infant daycare provider is our top priority.

White Lake Michigan Infant Daycare

Parent Satisfaction

As we mentioned, parent satisfaction is our top priority when it comes to providing daycare services for your infant. So, how do we ensure parents are satisfied with our infant daycare services in White Lake Michigan? Each and every day, our infant day care staff will provide parents with a written report. Written reports include:

  • Feeding schedule– What, when, and how much infant daycare White Lake Townshipyour baby ate.
  • Diaper changes– Wet or solid, and time are recorded for each diaper change.
  • Sleeping schedule– What time your baby took a nap and how long.
  • Baby’s mood– Was your baby a little more fussy than usual, or were they in a good mood?
  • Special notes– Did your precious baby do something new? We will be sure to let you know!

We understand that as a parent, both moms and dads, being away from your newborn, or infant for an entire day can be tough. Are you able to leave work for a break or lunch? We encourage you to come visit your baby in daycare! If you have an older child that is in our toddler or preschool programs, we make sure that they get to spend some time together during the day as well!

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Paradigm Child Care and Enrichment Michigan Locations

Paradigm Child Care and Enrichment offers two Michigan locations offering affordable infant daycare. Depending on where you live or work, we encourage you to enroll in the location that is most convenient for you.

For White Lake residents, the Waterford Township location will be the most convenient daycare for your infant.

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