Benefits of Healthy Eating for Children

Healthy eating for children is important because it allows for their bodies to obtain the nutrients needed to help them grow. When a child engages in healthy living, they receive a lifetime bonus with a stronger and healthier mind and body. Children who do not eat healthily are at a disadvantage.  They can face decades […]

Preparing for Flu Season At Paradigm Child Care

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets colder and flu season begins. We here at Paradigm are ready and here with some great tips. Our flu season procedures include sanitizing highly trafficked surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches and washing hands frequently. We’ve also been teaching the children different life skills […]

Three Things to Know About Toddlers

Everyone knows that with having a toddler comes having an active lifestyle. As the development stages take place, from infant to toddler, you start to pick up on things you never knew about them before. Listed below are three things to know about toddlers at this highly mobile, forever busy, absolutely adorable age. What to […]

Teething and Your Infant

If your infant has recently become fussier and is having problems sleeping at night one thought is they might have started teething. Babies start to teeth anywhere from 6 to 12 months of age but have been documented as early as 3 months. This time is when their baby teeth will come in and will […]

Infant Child Care Costs

Parenthood: Restless nights. Early mornings. Baby’s crying. Calling off from work. The ongoing thought of, “when will this ever get better?” keeps racing through your mind. How are you ever going to get things done? How many more days of this are you willing to go through? Luckily, we have an answer that will help […]