Benefits of Half and Full Day Preschool

Half-day or Full-day Preschool?A big question currently in debate is whether half-day or full-day preschool is best for children. Both have their own advantages but it is not a one size fits all phenomenon. Which scheduled preschool is best differs from child to child. Here is some information to help you determine which scheduled preschool will be the best for your child!

Half-Day Preschool

Half-day preschool and kindergarten are very popular in families with younger kids. If your children are just starting school, a half-day can be less stressful for them when getting used to going to school. The less stressful it is, the more fun your child will have and the more they will enjoy it in the upcoming years as their schooling continues. 

Also, if you choose to place your children in half-day preschool, you have more time to spend time with your child! During this time, you can play and enjoy the time together. It is well-known that the early childhood years are the most important in the growth and development of a person’s character so, by spending extra time with your child, you are ensuring that your child grows up and develops a strong character!

Full-Day Preschool

Full-day preschool is the most preferred schedule for working parents. While the parents are at work, the preschool functions as a daycare system that will care for the child. Furthermore, the child can socialize with other children and learn new things. There are many benefits to full-day preschool. One is the advantage when kindergarten starts. Children who are enrolled in full-day preschool are well-prepared for full-day kindergarten when it starts. Most elementary schools nowadays implement full-day kindergarten classes that children can struggle to adjust to without previous experience with it.

Usually, full-day preschool programs are more relaxed than half-day programs. This is typically because there is more time to complete all of the allotted time activities. So, children who thrive in a creative and social environment are urged to go to full-day preschool. With lots of activities and fun things to do during the day, children can learn and have fun with other kids. 

Overall, there are no significant academic performance differences observed between children who go to half-day or full-day preschool. Both the children who go to half-day and those who go to full-day preschool score the same on academic tests and generally gain the same knowledge before the time they start kindergarten.

Preschool Programs at Paradigm

At our Paradigm locations in Canton and Waterford, we offer preschool programs for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. In our programs, we prepare the children for kindergarten in fun and exciting ways! To learn more about our programs, please contact us!