First Day of Preschool

As you watch your baby girl or boy enter their classroom, a sudden rush of emotion floods you. There’s excitement, fear and some sadness to be sure. Despite that, as your child turns back around to wave their goodbye, you know this is just another new beginning. So you smile, wave back and tell your […]

Paradigm Supporting Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is a very special day for people across the nation. It’s an event that is celebrated at school, work, home, etc. People come together (with their red noses) for Red Nose Day to have fun, share laughs, and raise money for those who are less fortunate and are in need all across […]

Troops Need Love Too

We are excited about our partnership with Troops Need Love Too! (T.N.L.T.) Troops Need Love Too is a non-profit organization, ran by all volunteers. These volunteers lift spirits and meet needs for the U.S. Armed Forces that are deployed overseas. With Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center’s efforts from both Waterford and Canton locations we are taking […]

Dental Tips for Children

We are excited to have a Dentist from Great Expressions come to our Canton MI Child Care and Enrichment Center this month. Dentists that specialize in the treatment for children are also called Pedodontics. They will be teaching the children, dental health care in a fun way! Teaching your child and practicing proper dental care […]

Say Bye Bye Pacifier!

When our children are born, many of us introduced the pacifier or binky, babies almost immediately. Sure, there are many great things that a pacifier can do for our child during the beginning stages, such as encouraging self soothing or fulfilling their natural suck reflex needs, but there are also downsides. If you are a […]