Halloween at Paradigm!

Halloween brings a ton of fun filled events for your little ones at Paradigm! Here is what is happening at both Canton childcare and Waterford childcare locations: Waterford Kids will be dressing up in their costumes and having a Halloween parade through the building.  It’s adorable! Mobile Toddlers are going to be having a Monster […]

Overcoming “Food Wars” With Your Child

When dinnertime comes around more often than not parents of young children have a battle on their hands. As many young children are picky eaters, or only want to eat what they want at that time, trying to get your child to eat new foods, or healthier options may be difficult. This doesn’t have to […]

Enroll at Our Canton Location

As many of you know the doors of our new Canton childcare center opened months ago. As the school year kicks off, there is still room for your child at our Canton daycare center. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect childcare center, contact us today. To ensure that everyone has the […]

Preparing Your Child (and yourself) For Back to School!

The summer is dwindling down and children will be heading back to school before we know it. For some, it will be their first time going to the “big school” which can be hard for both the child and the parent, for others, you may be a pro at preparing and sending your kids off […]

Playground Safety

Now that the weather has been warm for some time, your kids may be asking you to take them to the local park or playground to pass time during the summer days. Taking your child to the playground, whether a local park or a nearby schoolyard provides them with the opportunity to exercise, use their […]