Spring Is Here! Have Fun, But Take Care

March brings in Spring which means warmer weather is not far behind.  It’s time to get the kids outside more and have fun! Unfortunately, the beginning of spring is often […]

Start Off 2023 Right!

2023 is now upon us, and with every new year, people are excited about a fresh start.  Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center provides a nurturing and caring environment for your […]

Methods To Help Your 4 Year Old Learn

Looking for methods to help your 4-year-old learn outside of the classroom? While children get a lot of education in the classroom, learning should not stop once your child leaves […]

What is Quality Childcare?

What is quality childcare? When a parent is looking for a childcare center, it is important to understand this question. After all, parents want the best care available for their […]