Infant Child Care Costs

Parenthood: Restless nights. Early mornings. Baby’s crying. Calling off from work. The ongoing thought of, “when will this ever get better?” keeps racing through your mind. How are you ever going to get things done? How many more days of this are you willing to go through? Luckily, we have an answer that will help […]

School Aged Program At Paradigm Child Care

Here at Paradigm, we encourage parents to keep us informed of their child’s progress after they’ve left our program. We love to hear about how our students have grown and the milestones they’ve crossed. One way that we stay in touch with our old students is through our school-aged program. Our school age program is perfect […]

How To Stay Up-To Date With Paradigm

We here at Paradigm Child Care and Enrichment Center always want to keep parents informed about what’s happening at Paradigm and with their children. We have several ways we communicate with parents and have recently updated our “Parent Communication” page to reflect that. Monthly New’s Letter This monthly newsletter is a collection of a light […]

Hearing Loss In Young Children

When you think of hearing loss, you generally think of elderly adults and hearing aids as a natural part of aging. Even though hearing loss is common among aging older adults, children can also suffer from acute hearing loss as well. Hearing problems can be a detriment to a child’s development if not caught early […]

March is Reading Month!

Creating a love for reading is something that has to be encouraged and cultivated in young and developing minds. Children are like sponges, they’ll soak up any and all information you give them, good and bad. Knowing this you can help teach them to have a positive view of reading that will carry on as […]