Family Friendly Halloween Events In Metro Detroit 2016

Child Friendly Events In the Greater Detroit Area Child-friendly Halloween entertainment can sometimes be hard to find…  Halloween in the greater Metro Detroit area is filled with fun and great family friendly activities, you just have to know where to look! We found some really awesome events going on that the whole family can enjoy! […]

Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Reading with your child is one of the most important ways to ensure your child has the foundation for reading, learning, and language. Also reading aloud with your child will help exercise their imagination, creativity, and creates family time that you’ll look back fondly on. But when should you start reading with your child? The […]

It’s Time for Preschool! Enroll Today!

Open Preschool Enrollment has started in our Waterford and Canton MI Childcare Centers Preschool is almost in session! Have you enrolled your child? Open preschool enrollment has started! There are many reasons why enrolling your child into preschool at Paradigm is a great choice to make. Having your child start school early not only advances their […]

Dealing With Toddler Biting

  Is your child or toddler going through a biting phase? As a parent dealing with a toddler that tends to bite can be stressful. At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center we believe that this is part of a common toddler behavior.  Many toddlers do not possess the verbal skills to communicate how they are […]

First Day of Preschool

As you watch your baby girl or boy enter their classroom, a sudden rush of emotion floods you. There’s excitement, fear and some sadness to be sure. Despite that, as your child turns back around to wave their goodbye, you know this is just another new beginning. So you smile, wave back and tell your […]