Bye-bye Diapers! Hello Big Kid!

Potty Training - Bye-Bye Diapers!

At Paradigm we believe Potty Training happens when a child is developmentally ready. For this reason, the age at which it happens can vary from child to child. While some children have developed the muscles to control elimination by the age of 2 others might need a little extra time.

When your sweet baby starts showing signs that s/he is ready to begin the process of Potty Training we will be so excited to support them on this journey! It’s a huge milestone and when timed right it will go quickly. Starting too early can actually set the process back and cause a delay in the big day when your child gets to ditch the diapers forever!

Below is a basic checklist of items that support proper timing for Potty Training. If your child is able to check most of these items off the list, they are probably ready for the first stage of Potty Training!

  • Your child shows an interest in learning about the potty and wanting to be more independent. He might start asking questions about the potty when they see you use it.
  • She can communicate verbally about the potty or using the bathroom. For example, she might say, “My diaper is dirty” or “I went poop”.
  • He can make the connection between having the urge to pee or poo and going to the potty to do it. Even if he only makes it to the bathroom before eliminating in his diaper.
  • She is able to follow simple directions such as coping your behaviors in the bathroom.
  • He can keep his diaper dry for at least 2 hours at a time.
  • She can pull down her own pants or pull-up.

Potty Training Is Personal

Potty Training is very personal to your child. Therefore it is important that we work together to support your little one in the best way possible. It can become confusing if there is no consistency between home and school. This can be tricky though. The lifestyles between the home and school are very different. At home, your child doesn’t need to be worried about someone taking their toy while they take a potty break, and while with their family it can become risky going in public without a pullup on. If your child really is ready to Potty Train, the process will go quickly though.

Before transitioning to a big girl or big boy underpants we require children to transition from diapers to Pull-Ups with opening sides. This usually happens before they turn 2. Pull-Ups give your child the opportunity to practice pulling their pants up and down just like a big kid! When your child starts showing enough signs that they are ready to Potty Train please let us know. We will reach out to you if we are noticing they are ready as well.

It is important that Potty Training starts with you at home. A long weekend at home is a great way to kick this off. If they do great over the weekend, they can come to school sporting their new big kid undies! Remember though, school is very different than home so please send plenty of outfit changes. Socks included, please. 😉 Each change of clothes should be sent in a separate Ziplock bag and be labeled with your child’s name. It’s not a bad idea to send in 3 or more changes of clothes. Be sure to send in replacements when accidents happen.


Most children will still require a Pull-Up during naptime at school for a few weeks. They tend to sleep a little deeper at school so it’s not uncommon for them to have an accident while napping. While wearing a Pull-Up at naptime we have the children wear their big kid undies over the Pull-Up. As children wake up from napping, Teachers send them into the bathroom immediately to use the potty and remove their Pull-Up.

If your 3- or 4-year-old child comes home still wearing their Pull-Up please let us know and encourage them to follow our directions by removing it when they go potty after naptime. Teachers monitor Preschoolers in the bathroom but also encourage them to be independent. If your Preschooler doesn’t indicate that they need help in the bathroom the Teachers will allow them to exercise their independence.

It is an exciting time for your family! We are so excited to be part of such a big Milestone!