Moving With Children in Preschool

Moving in itself can be a challenge. But moving with preschool age children can be even more of a struggle or concern. Children between the age of 3 & 5 have a lot of belongings, but may not be much help throughout the process. In fact, they may actually bring on more challenges when it comes to changing homes, emotional outbursts, and possibly leaving their current friends or preschool. There are ways to go about facing these challenges to provide the most support and make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your toddler.

moving with children in preschool

Understanding Your Toddlers Emotions About Moving

It is important that you pay attention to your toddler’s emotions. Let them ask any questions that they may have, so they understand what is happening. For example, you may tell your toddler the family is moving, and they may seem very upset. Ask them why they are upset. You may be surprised at their answer. Did you tell your child that they will be able to take their toys with them? They may have assumed that moving means leaving everything behind, and their favorite stuffed animal won’t be coming along. Provide positive reassurance! If your child reacts poorly to the idea, it may be as simple as they don’t fully understand what is going on. Of course, you do not have to go into complete details, but take time and talk to your toddler.

Searching For a New Preschool When Moving in Michigan

As a parent ensuring that your child is receiving the best possible childcare is at the top of the list. When moving, finding a preschool that meets your standards is a priority. Paradigm Childcare and Enrichment understands the stress moving can cause on preschoolers and their parents.


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