Shadow Program

Shadow Program

From time to time children go through phases of development that may require temporary additional support. There are many reasons why young children exhibit challenging behavior.  However, the industry standard punishes children when they go through a challenging phase. In addition, these standards often resort to expulsion, rather than supporting these children. Unlike other facilities, our belief is to focus and support our students through these challenging times.  Paradigm believes in a philosophy of scaffolding, a support system for children and families going through a temporary challenge. That is why Paradigm has a Shadow Program.

What is a Shadow Program?

At Paradigm, we have a dedicated program to help students who are in a tricky stage.  The Shadow Program focuses on identifying their challenges through “shadowing” a child.  A shadow is a teacher who will dedicate one on one attention to your child in overcoming an identified challenge.  Your child will be shadowed for a period of three or more weeks.  At the end of three weeks, Teachers and Directors will reevaluate your child’s development.  If we feel your child has made enough progress, a trial week will occur to reintroduce your child back into the mainstream. An additional three-week period may or may not be necessary. However, the Shadow Program is only effective when used with an Individualized Support Plan.

Individualized Support Plan

Alongside the  Shadow Program, Paradigm implements an Individualized Support Plan (ISP). An ISP allows parents and teachers to give input as observations are occurring. During the “Shadowing” period, the child’s behavior will be recorded. After 3 weeks, Paradigm’s directors and teachers will use this information to create a behavior plan. This plan will address responses to challenging behaviors, interactions, and how family members can support their children during this time. With constant support, our children will be able to overcome their challenges and develop healthy relationships with others.

Supporting Children at Paradigm

It is our goal to support our children and their families through all stages of development. That is why Paradigm uses the Shadow Program and ISP to support students during difficult development times. While other centers punish children, Paradigm seeks to help our students through these moments. As a community, it is our responsibility to makes sure our children are getting a continuum of support. However, it is the constant support from parents that allows us to enrich children’s lives. Our intervention programs work because parents are there.

Wondering if your child should be shadowed? Feel free to contact us with your concerns!