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Shadow Program

Shadow Program

From time to time children go through phases of development that may require temporary additional support.  Unlike the industry standard, it is our belief that children who go through a challenging phase should be supported rather than expelled. Paradigm believes in a philosophy of scaffolding, which is a support system for children and families going through a temporary challenge.

At Paradigm we have a program in place to support a tricky stage in development for your child called “Shadowing”.  A shadow is a teacher who will dedicate one on one attention to assist your child in overcoming an identified challenge.  Your child will be shadowed for a period of three or more weeks.  At the end of three weeks Teachers and Directors will reevaluate your child’s development.  If we feel your child has made enough progress, a trial week will occur to reintroduce your child back into the mainstream. An additional three-week period may or may not be required.

It is our goal to support our children and their families through all stages of development.