Nap Mat
At Paradigm we require children to have a cot mat if they nap on a cot. We prefer the Urban Infant brand however any cot mat that can be securely attached to our cats will do. We have listed the reasons we require all children on a cot to have a cot mat instead of a blanket and pillow below.

  • They don’t touch the floor!  Once they are strapped to the cot for the week they stay in place! The kids can’t kick or pull them off their cot onto the floor.
  • They roll up neatly to be transported to and from school.
  • They are just the right size!
  • They are so snuggly and warm and the kids look very comfy with them.
  • They stay in place so the kids do less straightening and adjusting and more resting.
  • They have a convenient place to display your child’s name.

Click here to purchase one from Urban Infant or Amazon Prime