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Our son has been enrolled here since he was 12 weeks old, we are very happy! From the infant room through all of the following classrooms we have nothing but amazing things to say. They teach the kids something new everyday and are so very caring, we love our Paradigm family.

Easy Testimonials

Being a mother of two and working full time is very stressful. It's a great feeling knowing that when my boys are at Paradigm its one less thing I have to worry about during the day.  They not only enjoy all of the friends they have made, they are always coming home and sharing all of the new things they have learned. We truly appreciate the great teachers!

Easy Testimonials

Sending my son to Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center was one of the best decisions I made.  He has been able to grow and learn in a consistent, safe and loving environment.  With Jake getting ready to enter Kindergarten in the Fall, I am so thankful to say that we have made life long friends here at Paradigm.  Thanks for always having his best interest at heart.


The most rewarding experience at Paradigm for our family has been the cooperation of both a preschool curriculum and enrichment program that supports grade school preparation.  My son thoroughly enjoys the blended week of preschool days and enrichment days that include music education, technology and art.   After attending Kindergarten Round Up last week, I am confident my son is prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  I am most appreciative that the staff is personally invested in education through degree programs and continued professional development.  Most importantly, I am delighted  that my child is surrounded by child advocates who truly nurture him through education, creativity and play.

Our 5 year old kindergartner Carter spent his first 4.5 years at Paradigm, and our 3 year old daughter Cailyn has been there since she was 3 months. Simply put, their experience over the years has been great! All along, they’ve been encouraged to learn and grow in a safe & friendly environment. In that time, they’ve also made a lot of friends and developed very positive relationships with their teachers/caregivers. We cannot just thank any one or two individuals at Paradigm. We are truly thankful and appreciative of the entire staff. They are the reason that we have been both confident and comfortable dropping them off each morning for 6 years, everyday leaving and knowing that they are in great care.

As a working mom whose family requires a dual income, seeking childcare for my newborn was a requirement and unfortunately not just an option.  I was a new parent venturing out trying to find a place that I felt was suitable for my child whom I and my husband hold so dear.  After visiting a handful of daycares we decided that none compare to Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center.  A few things that won us over was the cleanliness of the building, the size of the classrooms and most importantly the Staff.  All of the other infant rooms I visited where small in size and did not provide an adequate amount of space for my child to grow. My little baby is now blossoming into a healthy adventurous toddler.  I feel that the curriculum and the setup that Paradigm offers their children is top notch and that my little one is on the path to being completely prepared for success in kindergarten.  The love that the staff shows my child makes the drop offs in the morning that much more bearable and the pick-ups in the evening even more enjoyable.  I would highly recommend this facility to any parent who is looking for a safe, nourishing environment for their child to be cared for in.

I want to take a moment to express how pleased we are with Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center.  When we took our first tour and realized Paradigm is much more than a “standard daycare center,” we became excited to have our 3-month old son in an environment that not only attends to his individual needs, but also provides him significant opportunities to grow developmentally, socially, and cognitively. As a parent, I am confident our now almost 2-year old has excelled largely in part to full time attendance at Paradigm.  He verbalizes tremendously, is polite, follows instructions, and has mastered motor skills quickly. One of his favorite activities is helping others-especially all his teachers he loves so much.  I am more than pleased with your curriculum emphasizing early childhood education, extracurricular activities and refraining from children being held in a single room all day. As a public health professional, I am assured that Paradigm far exceeds the standards of a quality childcare facility.  All of the measures that are recommended to protect young children and improve their health in a childcare setting are taken seriously and strongly evident.  From educating parents about reducing illness and thoroughly cleaning the facility throughout the day, to serving healthy lunches and teaching the children healthy habits, Paradigm is top notch. We could have chosen the worksite daycare literally steps away from my office, but we knew Paradigm would be the standout choice for our family.  We look forward to adding baby #2 to the Paradigm family this fall! Thanks so much for all you do.

My daughter Sophia, now 2 yrs old, has been at Paradigm since she was 10 months old. I couldn’t have chosen a better place or better people to take care of my daughter. It is such a good feeling to know that she is somewhere safe and being looked after with so much love. I truly believe Sophia would not be as advanced as she is without the love, care and enrichment that Paradigm provides.

Our daughter Tenley has been enrolled at Paradigm for nearly eight months now, and I cannot say enough how happy I am with our decision to bring her here. While the facility and the variety of programs and activities offered initially caught our attention, it has been the care from the staff that has blown us away. From the very first day, everyone was warm and welcoming, and every staff member knew my daughter's name long before we knew theirs. All of the staff members we've come in contact with are wonderful, but her teachers in the infant room are absolutely exceptional. The time, attention and love they give Tenley is unbelievable. Even though she's an infant, they challenge her and teach her new things every day! They give us constant updates on her progress and create projects to celebrate holidays and special occasions. They are excited to see her every morning, and always have hugs and kisses for her when she leaves. Tenley loves being at school and she loves being with her teachers. Not only has our daughter grown these last few months, but thanks to her teachers we have as well. As new parents, it's great to be able to ask advice and get suggestions and tips from her teachers (who are mothers as well!) I always feel like I can go to them with questions or to ask for help when I need it. They go above and beyond to help us out and let us know that they care. Going back to work and choosing a daycare was tough, but the quality of care and the integrity of the staff members at Paradigm made the process so much easier.


Even before the pandemic, this center made sure they were VERY clean. I popped in on them twice just to see if they maintained the standards they showed me on my scheduled visit as they did every time. All the staff here love the kids as if they were their own and treat them with such love and care. The center keeps you in the loop of all things happening with them at all times. I will definitely send more people their way and if I have more little ones, this is where they will be going. So grateful for such a loving, clean, honest, and trustworthy place to send my little one.


I have both my boys in and they both love it. They are always well-fed, they come home happy, they tell me all the things they learn and do, and the staff keeps me updated as much as I ask. Is it super affordable? Nope, it's expensive, but still comparable to most others area-wide. Plus, knowing my kids are safe, secure, and have made leaps and bounds in their growth is enough to outweigh any cost. Highly recommend!