The Rising Cost of Child Care

The cost of child care has increased over the years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, overall child costs have nearly doubled within the last 25 years. As working parents, one of the major factors that play a role in the child care industry are the expenses for it. Whether if you are a parent or parent-to-be, it is very important to know the average cost of child care today. It will also benefit you to know about the rising cost of child care in Michigan for the future.

Infant Child Care PricesRising Cost of Child Care

The average cost for child care is over $8,000 per year. In the state of Michigan, single parents pay an average of 35% of their income for infant child care. Married parents of two children or less, however, pay an average of 10% for center-based child care. The annual cost of infant child care here in Michigan is more than the annual cost of college tuition at a four-year university, whereas the average cost of center-based child care for an infant costs nearly a year of mortgage payments.

Child care is oftentimes invisible to the economy. Parents are spending way too much money on infant child care services and it’s not getting any cheaper. So, what do you do about the rising cost of child care prices? Do some homework.

  • Determine your best route to and from daycares near Commerce
  • Ask about signup incentives to offset infant child care prices
  • Let childcare center know you are looking to save money

Infant Care Near Commerce Township

Paradigm Care and Enrichment Centers offer childcare services for a very reasonable and affordable price. We understand the hardships a parent might face and want to be there for you and your child as much as we possibly can. Located near Commerce in the Oakland County, we like to create an educational, nurturing and comfortable environment for your child.  Paradigm also works with The FIA. Our goal is to provide parents in Commerce Township, Michigan area with affordable infant daycare prices. This, along with superior child services.