Preschool near West Bloomfield

Do you have a child 3 or 4 years old that you are looking to enroll in preschool this year? Do you live in West Bloomfield Township and want to send your little boy or girl to a top-rated preschool?  We would like to present to you the advantages of sending them to Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center which is our local preschool near West Bloomfield.

Paradigm is close to West Bloomfield

How close is our Waterford preschool? West Bloomfield Township borders Waterford Twp. and our school is not far from there. Let’s say for example that you live in Aldingbrooke which is just off of Drake Road. It is less than 20 minutes to our child care center. People that know the area, in fact, know that there are a lot of different ways to get from there or anywhere along Orchard Lake Road or Pontiac Trail to Paradigm which is just off of Cooley Lake Road.   If you’re a new resident in West Bloomfield TWP. the roads around the lakes make for a nice drive but can be somewhat confusing. Of course, now that there is GPS the number of routes to traverse becomes an advantage. You won’t have an issue despite construction or the occasional fender bender.Paradigm preschool near West Bloomfield

Advantages of being a preschool near West Bloomfield:

  • Multiple routes negate traffic problems
  • Borders West Bloomfield Township, so minutes away
  • Top Rated local preschool
  • Map it!

Easy Preschool Enrollment

We have year-round preschool enrollment at Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center. No matter when you need to enroll your child, we will make it easy on them and you. So if you’ve just recently moved into or near West Bloomfield Michigan and are searching for a preschool that your girl or boy can easily adapt to simply give us a call and receive personal attention and instruction. To help with that we have some online information and instructions to make it easy:


Paradigm Child Care & Preschool Reviews

Our parents will confirm that Paradigm’s preschool teachers are professionals that are great with their children. Search for the reviews on google, they will confirm that our Waterford and Canton locations are top-rated and one of the best preschools in Metro Detroit Michigan. So if you are searching or asking other parents; “where can I find a preschool near me,” and you live in or near West Bloomfield, we hope Paradigm is top on the list.