What’s So Special about 4 Year Olds?

4 year olds

What’s so special about 4-year-olds? Each age is unique. As children grow, they achieve great milestones than before. This age is no exception and the milestones they achieve at this stage are amazing. However, there is something special about this particular age group. So, what is it?

From Toddler to Child

Considering toddlers are children between 2-3 years old, 4-year-olds are finally entering the childhood phase. While toddlers are more dependent and insecure about their place in the world, these new children are gaining confidence and independence! You can observe the difference as your child starts to express themselves clearly as they enjoy new things. These youngsters have mastered their early milestones and are ready to build on them. So, what type of changes will you see in your young child?

4-to-5 Year Old Development

Just because a 4-year-old has graduated from a toddler, it does not mean that they have stopped growing. During this developmental age, your child will gain new skills as they get closer to school age. So, what can you expect from this special age?

Language and Cognitive Development

At this point, you will see your child’s inquisitive and curious nature as they begin to carry out a conversation. A 4-year-old will start speaking in complete and more complex sentences, increasing their vocabulary. They will begin to start speaking in the future tense as well. Furthermore, they will be able to count higher than 10 and start naming more colors and shapes. Some will start writing their own name!

Movement and Motor Skills

4-year-olds are no longer struggling to walk like they were as toddlers. Instead, these children are finally finely-tuned in general and fine motor skills. These grown-up toddlers are capable of running, hopping, and climbing better than before. Most of these children can now stand on one foot (for about 9 seconds)! They will be able to do somersaults as well, showing off their potential gymnastic skills. They can now walk up and down stairs with ease and so much more!

Emotional and Social Development

One of the best experiences is seeing a child become their unique self. During the last three years, children are all about themselves. However, at age 4, your child is starting to realize the world does not revolve around them. At this point, children are beginning to understand other people’s feelings. 4-year-olds are starting to enjoy playing with other children, sharing and taking turns more than before! In addition, they are also more cooperative at this age, understanding rules and boundaries better. Furthermore, your 4-year-old is able to express their feelings emotionally and verbally, instead of getting physical.

Cherishing Moments at Paradigm

At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center, we love seeing our students grow into their own individuals. That is why our programs focus on creating the best environment to help children reach their full potential. Our 4-year-olds are no exception, having a meticulous preschool program to help them build on their milestones! Enrolling your child in school programs will guarantee that they will grow in ways that cannot be replicated at home. So, sign your child up for the best daycare in Michigan!

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