Health Concerns at Child Care CentersAt Paradigm we pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our school. 

All door handles are sprayed daily with sanitizer.  While strolling through Paradigm as you pass by the bathrooms you will hear children singing their ABC’s because we teach them that they need to wash their hands that long in order to get all the germs washed away.

Our lobby houses “The Shoe Room” where children change into their inside shoes upon entering the building.  Although the building is completely vacuumed daily this keeps play surfaces free of debris. 

Our kitchen contains a commercial sanitizer that heats up to 180 degrees killing any germs on kitchen utensils and toys that are put through the sanitizer.

Paradigm follows the Oakland County Health Department's guidelines for excluding sick children.

Teachers are trained annually in CPR and semi-annually in first Aid.  Staff also goes through blood borne pathogens training.  Our staff practices fire and alert drills with the children to insure that if there ever was a problem we would be well prepared to keep your child safe.      


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