August Family Friendly and Safe Events

Many of us are getting sick of being stuck at home, our kids especially. Unfortunately, we are still suffering from the effects of COVID-19. However, while most events have been canceled or postponed to later dates, there are still some family-friendly events that you can safely partake in this August in the local area. Family-Friendly Events […]

Family Fun Events This June

This start to the year has been crazy with the COVID-19 quarantine and everything else in the news. We all need to relax and get out of the house! There are some local safe events that you and your family can attend to make your summer more interesting! Events this Summer Summer Palooza in Canton! […]

Family Movie Night


The COVID-19 lockdowns can really be a bummer, and finding things for the kids can be difficult. You can always have a game night with the family.  If games are not your thing, then a family movie night might be the answer for you. Now you might ask how to do that considering all the […]

Family Activities and Games While At Home

Family Activities and Games While At Home

While most of us are on lockdown with the family, you may need some reference for games and family activities to do. First, we will start with some mare traditional games.  One that can help kids learn to spell while out of school, is none other than the traditional Scrabble. For the younger kids that […]

Immediate Enrollment For Essential Infrastructure Workers

In these tough times, essential infrastructure workers are the heroes we all need.  Until April 13th, 2020 the governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered a shelter-in-place order. This means that all nonessential businesses must shut down and essential businesses such as hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies remain open. Also, this prohibits any large gathering of people […]