Bridger Program (2.5 – 3 Years)

Old Bridgers

Bridgers celebrate their success with potty training and preparing for the preschool curriculum.

Our Bridgers are a very busy group!  So much growth takes place as they get ready for the Preschool years. Children practice a variety of skills daily from using the potty to cutting with scissors to understanding numbers and letters to taking turns while playing games.  We couldn’t possibly list all of the learning that takes place daily!

Teachers work on extending Bridger’s attention span by introducing more teacher-directed lessons prior to their exploration time with materials in the classroom.  In preparation for preschool and kindergarten, Bridgers enjoy learning how to be a part of a classroom community that is slightly larger with an 8:1 ratio. This allows children to explore more opportunities to create friendships and become an important part of a bigger learning community.

While still enjoy daily story time and circle time Teachers start introducing group activities giving the children opportunities to practice cooperative playing and learning.  This is when we really see deep bonds and friendships blossom amongst classmates.

Developmentally appropriate Potty Training practices are exercised and celebrated as our Bridgers transition or bridge the gap between toddlerhood to being a preschooler!