Paradigm Professional Child Care & Preschool Services Mission

Our Mission is to provide a solid foundation which fosters a life-long love of learner in our students.

Life-long learners will be prepared to enter elementary school. Also, they will continue on an educational journey as they become functioning, law-abiding, and contributing members of society. Also, our learners will be strong of heart and body. Furthermore, we will nurture creative minds as our student’s journey through our program. Our warm loving environment made up of patient caregivers and a well-kept facility will provide a safe place for learners. They are to take risks in their own learning process as well as opportunities to grow socially and emotionally as a part of a group. In addition, Paradigm will continue to enrich students through extra-curricular activities such as dance, gymnastics, music, soccer, language instruction, martial arts, and physical education.

Finally, contact Paradigm today for more on our mission and information on all the services we can provide for your child.  We have two great locations, one in Waterford and the other in Canton.