Programs for Children at Paradigm

Paradigm believes in a balanced mix of academic teacher-guided learning and some student play-based learning.  Each program, starting with our Infant Program all the way through our 4-Year-Old Preschool Program, provides lots of opportunities for each individual student to develop their unique learning style.To create ideal programs for children, Paradigm Directors along with teachers continually seek best practices and update lessons for each program that aim to achieve benchmarks set by the Michigan Framework.  With that baseline on every child, our teachers can differentiate student lessons so each child can succeed at an appropriate pace. Children simply do not all learn in the same way or at the same pace. Therefore, we believe a curriculum needs to allow for individual differences. 

Our Goal

We understand that if we make our lessons too hard for our students, they will plateau the same way they would if we do not challenge them enough.  Therefore, we design lessons specifically with this in mind.  Being familiar with the Michigan framework of elementary education helps us to know how to prepare children, both academically and socially, to enter Kindergarten. This journey  to prepare your child starts in our Infant Program and follows them through every program at Paradigm. 

Your child will learn social skills from being around other children, as well as life skills such as zipping, buttoning, hand washing, and much more. With the great learning environment, we provide at Paradigm, your child will learn and excel. In addition, we offer many extra-curricular activities such as dance and gymnastics, sports clinics, book fairs, family field trips, and much more. When it comes to our staff, we know consistency is very important for a child’s learning. We strive to maintain the same teaching staff so your child will become accustomed to learning and feel comfortable. Paradigm provides its staff with up to 110 paid professional development course hours per year.  In addition, our facility is continually sanitized and disinfected to ensure a clean environment for your little one to learn and grow in. 

Finally, if you would like to visit our Canton or Waterford location please contact us today. We will send you additional information about our program and we are always excited to meet new families and friends! Families enrolled at our schools live in or work in areas such as Waterford, Commerce, White Lake, Union Lake, Wolverine Lake, Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Novi, Northville, Holly, Canton, Livonia, Westland, Garden City, Dearborn, Inkster, Detroit, Melvindale, Belleville, South Lyon, Ann Arbor.

Our Programs For Children


Our phenomenal teachers understand that learning begins at birth and encourage that learning by giving your baby a variety of objects to look at, stories, songs, music to listen to, and sensory items to touch and snuggles to feel!

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Our toddler program will help build your child’s vocabulary and learning through large and small motor activities. Once our infants become mobile, they begin rotating through all of our fun learning areas. Their learning will be assisted by adoring teachers in groups with a 4:1 child to teacher ratio.

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Old Bridgers celebrate their success with potty training and prepare for the preschool curriculum. They work on extending their attention span for more teacher-directed lessons prior to exploration time.

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3-Year-Old Preschool Programs

One of the great benefits of Paradigm is our 3 – 4-year-old preschool programs. These programs for children really help your child learn and grow. Our 3-year-old preschoolers get to learn the alphabet and their letters. In addition to that, they get to learn about Michigan and other parts of the country. Our 3 years old preschool students also get to learn about hygiene and other great activities.

Our 4-year-old preschool program builds on what they learned in the 3-year-old program. They previously learned the letters, so now we focus on the sounds by practicing all the soft and hard sounds of the letters. Also, more writing is introduced every day. We also continue on healthy living and good hygiene. In addition to this, we go over basic science such as the life cycles of a frog and the differences between solids and liquids. 

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Additional Programs

 Food Program

Throughout the year we introduce new or seasonal items to our breakfast, snack, and lunch menu. Breakfast is served daily until about 7:50. If your child arrives after 7:50 please give him/her breakfast at home. Our program also accounts for our picky eaters.

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Positive Behavior Support Program

To encourage positive behavior at Paradigm, we use a system that incorporates Green and Red Choices. This program allows us to address poor choices in an appropriate manner and support better choices in our children.

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Shadowing Program

From time to time children go through phases of development that may require temporary additional support.  Unlike the industry standard, it is our belief that children who go through a challenging phase should be supported rather than expelled.

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Enrichment & Extra-Curricular Programs

In order to enhance our curriculum, Paradigm partners with JS Juniors and Amazing athletes so we can incorporate a variety of activities.

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As you can see we have many great programs for children at Paradigm Care &  Enrichment Center, sign your child up today!