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Mobile Toddlers

Mobile Toddlers

Our academic-based curriculum has toddlers building vocabulary and learning through sensory and motor activities. Once our infants become mobile they begin rotating through all of our fun learning areas with their adoring teachers in groups with a 4:1 child to teacher ratio.

These activities, all with the purpose of learning colors, shapes, sizes, and textures which include the social-emotional experiences of taking turns and sharing, prepare our toddlers for our bridger program. This is where life-long friendships as well as meaningful relationships with educators and a love for learning begin.

Mobile Toddlers Curriculum

Our curriculum at Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center is supported by the Michigan framework of elementary education. In addition, we offer a variety of teaching styles for mobile toddlers. Also, we provide activities that are designed around basic skills. These skills include:

  • Large Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Lowercase Lettering
  • Future Reading Skills
  • Color and Shape Recognition
  • Counting Skills
  • And Much More!

In addition to all these skills, your chilsd will get to learn social skills being around other children. As well as life skills such as zipping, buttoning, hand washing, and much more. With a great learning environmnet such as Paradigm,  your child can learn and excel. In addition, we offer many extra curricular activities such as book fairs, field trips and much more.

When it comes to our staff, we know consistency is very important for a child’s learning. We strive to maintain the same teaching staff so your child will become accustomed to learning and feel comfortable. In addition, our facility is always has a cleanly environment and we keep everything clean and disinfected. Finally, if you would like to visit our Canton or Waterford location please contact us today. We are always excited to meet new families and friends!