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About Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center

Paradigm was created by Michele and Angela, who are sisters, as well as teachers.

Paradigm Childcare DirectorsWhile going to school at Western Michigan University, Angela worked at a wonderful day care center in Kalamazoo that was actually a remodeled ranch style house. Because the space was so small, the owners created different educational focuses in each room. That way, the kids and teachers could make the most of the whole space during the day.

From this came Angela and Michele’s dream to recreate this on a much bigger scale. A place where children and teachers rotated from classroom to classroom with a fresh start and new curricular focus every half hour.

Armed with teaching degrees, Angela and Michele joined the South Lyon Community schools team of exceptional elementary school teachers. They gained years of experience as Kindergarten and First Grade teachers, all while working on making their dream of quality preschool a reality.

As early education teachers, they noticed a need for a higher quality preschool and daycare. Children just weren’t coming to Kindergarten prepared to handle the curriculum that was being taught. Both sisters gained a lot of experience while sitting on committees to develop curriculum for South Lyon Community Schools.

With the knowledge they gained in both teaching and curriculum development, they began to put their dream into action and Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center was born. Nurturing children 6 weeks to 5 years with the end result being a child that is well prepared to enter Kindergarten academically, socially and emotionally is their driving force!  Ms. Angela and Ms. Michele are both proud Moms.  Ms. Angela’s son and Ms. Michele’s two daughters all attended Paradigm child care before entering kindergarten.

A new member is added to the Paradigm child care team team

Ms. Miranda joined the Paradigm family in 2007.  She enrolled her infant son Elyan who attended Paradigm until he left for kindergarten.  She works with all age groups from Infant care, through our school age students who attend in the summer.  Ms. Miranda enjoys each age group and loves to form lasting bonds with the children.  She finds it so rewarding to watch them grow throughout their time at Paradigm.  When joining the Paradigm Family Ms. Miranda was attending Oakland Community College to pursue a career in the medical field.

After having her second son Valentino in 2010, she decided that Paradigm was where she was meant to be. At that point, she changed her degree study from the medical field too early childhood. Ms. Miranda’s outstanding leadership of staff and students was recognized by Ms. Angela and Ms. Michele who began giving her more administrative responsibilities. In 2014 Paradigm opened its second location in Canton where Ms. Miranda became the Assistant Director.

Paradigm’s unique set-up allows children to feel at ease while in our care, facilitating a relaxed atmosphere, making learning more conducive.

While with us your child will stay with the same teacher and group of classmates but will be rotating through our center visiting different areas where teachers will carry out weekly posted lesson plans.  The children visit a; Math & Science Room, Music Room, Art Room, Dramatic Play Room, Library, Computer Lab, Multicultural Room and Large Motor Room with their teacher and class daily.

Since it’s known that children are creatures of habit, we find that the rotation schedule allows for a very predictable environment for the children, allowing them to feel more at ease and creating an environment with less behavioral issues.  This allows us to focus on having fun while learning!