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Health and Wellness

ABC Kids Inc, ABC Kids Inc. offers great parenting and childcare content for the whole family. They search the web for the best information that will help you raise and nurture your children just the way you want.

They provide great videos, articles, products, and care articles that will help you and your family. Visit them today!

Communication Communication Between School and Home

We have incorporated several different means of communication between school and parents at Paradigm to support the many different lifestyles and needs we see from family to family. Bridging the gap.

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Easy Drop Off Setting your child up for an easy drop off

Rise and shine sunshine! It’s Monday morning and time to get the week going! First on your list for the morning- Get Allison dropped off at Day Care. Then you picture yourself enjoying a hot cup of

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Blocks Build Critical Skills

Biting Articles:

Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite

What to do when toddlers bite

How to Curb Biting

Biting questions

Aggression, hitting, and biting