Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

6:30 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday

What Age Children Do You Accept?

6 weeks old through 4-year-old preschool and up to 12 years old. Our School Age Program has you covered for school breaks such as Winter and Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and Snow Days up through age 12!

Is Transportation Provided to Local Schools?

Paradigm does not transport however parents have arranged for their local school to drop their child off at Paradigm in the past.

Are Field Trips Offered?

Paradigm brings field trips to us! We have brought the farm, exotic animals, puppet shows, magic shows, and the Star Lab to Paradigm!

What Training Does Your Staff Have?

Upon hire, all staff receive 8 hours of Health & Safety Training. They also are trained and/or certified in CPR, Infant Safe Sleep Practices, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and Blood-Borne Pathogens. After that, they are provided with up to 100 additional Professional Development training hours per year. 

Is Outdoor Time Available?

Yes! The children go outside once or twice a day weather permitting. Our Waterford Center has a Splash Pad and our Canton Center has a HUGE playground where the children have lots of room to run and play! Both schools have garden boxes that the children plant a garden in every summer.

Are Meals and Snacks Provided?

Paradigm provided breakfast to children who arrived at school by 7:45. Fresh fruit, veggies, or protein are served mid-morning as a snack. Lunch is provided and consists of a meat or meat alternative, fruit, a vegetable, and milk. The afternoon snack consists of things such as goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, pretzels, or special treats.

What If My Child Has an Allergy to Certain Types of Foods?

If your child has a food allergy we ask that you provide their food daily for their safety. Paradigm follows a menu. However, substitutions are occasionally made due to seasonal or inventory restrictions.

Can I Send In Substitute Food on a Day When You Are Serving Food My Child Doesn’t Like?

No. We promote healthy eating and encourage children to try the foods we provide. There are multiple choices on the children’s plates at lunch and they are welcome to seconds.

How Can I Get More Information About Enrolling My Child?

Give us a call! We love to meet new families! Also, make sure to use our enrollment form found here.

What is The Tuition and How is it Paid?

Many factors determine tuition such as schedule, age, and Center. We can go over tuition rates on the phone or in person. Tuition is paid using a credit card online or at our sign-in computer in our Lobby. You can also pay your tuition in the office with a check or cash.

What Happens if My Child Becomes Ill During the Day?

We will contact a parent immediately if their child becomes ill and ask that the parent or someone come to pick them up immediately.

Do I Still Pay Tuition if My Child is Out Due to an Illness or Vacation?

Yes.  Our tuition rates are established based on our client’s ongoing tuition payments.  If families did not pay when their child is out it would be harder for us to maintain staff.  By requiring ongoing tuition, we can keep tuition rates as low as possible while still maintaining our program. 

Will You Notify Me if Another Child in My Child’s Class is Ill?

We post all illnesses for parents to view at the center.

Can My Child’s Schedule Change From Week to Week?

No, we require a two-week notice for most schedule changes however sometimes we can accommodate changes quicker. Just give us a call and ask. Unfortunately, we are unable to switch children’s days during the week but can sometimes add days if possible.

These are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions at Paradigm Childcare. Finally, give us a call today at 248.363.9800 for Waterford or 734.354.9600 for Canton with any other questions you might have.