At Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center we believe in differentiated instruction.  We truly believe that children learn and grow at their own pace. Although we need to get each child to reach the benchmarks necessary to enter Kindergarten we realize that there are different paths to get there.  Our programs are designed to ensure that all learning styles are promoted to their fullest helping every type of learner to excel.

Curriculum Following The Michigan Frame for Authentic Instruction

Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center follows the Michigan Frame for Authentic Instruction.  Because many of our students have working parents and are with us full-time year round. So our curriculum is designed to run 12 months from September-August.  With this instruction, we are working towards a higher order of thinking. As well as deeper knowledge, substantive conversation, and connections to the world beyond the classroom.  Children are like sponges soaking up any knowledge you share with them.  Paradigm teachings basic Spanish vocabulary such as numbers, colors, body parts, shapes, foods, days and months etc.  Along with those cognitive aspects including language, reading, writing, math and technology, our curriculum also supports the social-emotional growth and development that prepares our students for the independence necessary to be a part of and elementary classroom.

Click below for a list of life skills goals that all students at Paradigm are working on to prepare for entry to kindergarten.

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Preschool students are given formal assessments during our 12 month school year.  Report cards are designed to show teachers and parents where a child excels and where they may need a little extra support. A graph of the whole preschool class’s progress in reading readiness is provided. This help indicating your child’s scores in comparison confidentially to his/her peers.  This way you can see how your child is progressing through kindergarten preparedness compared to his/her classmates.  Younger students are assessed daily by teachers and given formal assessments when necessary or at a parent’s request. If you have any questions about our curriculum please contact us today.