Four Year Old Pre-K in Plymouth or Northville

There are many pre-k schools near the Plymouth and Northville area that are geared towards helping your four year old child learn. However, here at Paradigm, we invest our time into your children. Our preschool for 4 year olds is designed to address readiness skills in a unique, hands-on way. In addition to that, we also try to make sure that our four year old daycare students are taught effectively, by using an activity-based approach to help incorporate a variety of learning styles. The teachers in our four year old preschool work closely with your children to make sure that they are engaged, grounded and prepared for kindergarten.Four Year Old Daycare

Preparing Your 4 Year Old with Preschool

Paradigm is one of the most well known pre-k schools within the Plymouth-Canton school district. We are fully aware that four year olds learn best when they are involved in playful interactions. So, we have designed for our four year old preschoolers’ classroom to have multiple learning stations to help them develop efficiently. Three year old preschool was all about learning letters.  Once your child enters our 4 year old preschool, we kick off the school year with a personal letter “sound” book, where they learn and practice hard and soft letter sounds.

Both reading and writing are also very important to us, so we encourage them to read and write every day. Our four year old daycare students are also introduced to colors and become master color mixers. Doing this while learning about primary and secondary colors. Finally, learning about good hygiene, healthy exercise and the food pyramid are covered in our four-year-old preschool classroom.

Looking For Pre-K Schools Near Plymouth?

If you are currently looking for a preschool for 4 year olds near Plymouth, Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center is the best one. Whether you are considering enrolling your child into a charter school (k-12) or starting kindergarten in a public school, we will help prepare your four year old child to our best ability. Please stop by our Canton location or contact us today to see what we’re all about.