Infant Day Care Canton

Looking for infant day care in Canton, Michigan? Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center is your recommended child care center for their infant day care programs. Our infant day care in Canton is a part of our infant to walking program. In addition, education is strongly integrated into this program. We encourage learning by providing your child with music to listen to, sensory items to touch, stories to hear, and items to look at to encourage healthy cognitive growth. The development of your child in our child care center is important to us.

Infant Day Care Center in Canton MichiganInfant Day care canton mi

At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center, we keep a small staff to infant ratio to make sure that every child gets the attention that they deserve. In our infant day care program, our infants have a calming sleep area away from the play or eating area. This is to ensure that your baby gets a peaceful nap before returning to you. Each day parents will receive a written report on their infant that lets you know about their meals, sleeping schedules, or diaper changes. It is very important to us that we keep our wonderful parents in the loop.

Daycare for Infants

Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center understands the importance of consistency in the development of your child. We have a variety of programs for children ages 0 through 5 years of age at our Canton location. As your child grows, we have professional child care programs to accommodate their growth. When looking for the right place for daycare for infants, your first choice should by Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center.

We shape of all our programs around our Edu- Care Philosophy because we believe that all children will thrive when placed in a developmentally appropriate; safe, caring or nurturing setting. As your infant day care providers, we will treat your children like they are our own. Our mission is to create an environment where children can successfully grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.  Finally, contact us today to find out more about our programs in Westland or Canton for infants.