Our Response to Safety & School Security

In response to the tragedies, school communities have faced over the last several years Paradigm has increased our safety protocol to address the increased safety risks our society now faces.  Paradigm has always had a Crisis Plan in place that addresses the course of action staff will take in the event of an incident.  While we believe our school is a safe place, we also understand the importance of constantly evaluating and updating our practices in all areas.

This includes safety in the event of a natural disaster but now more than ever in the event of a manmade safety incident.  The safety of children and staff at Paradigm is so important to us.  We recognize that having procedures in place for staff to follow in the unlikely event of a natural disaster or act of violence is crucial to increase the safety of our children.  We are unable to review or share the procedures with families due to the nature of the need, however, we want our families to know that we are prepared if an event were to arise.

Safety Protocol

As part of our safety protocol Paradigm keeps all doors locked at all times.  Parents at our Waterford Center receive a KeyCard that allows them access to our vestibules which have inner locked doors.  KeyCards are programmed to only work during drop-off and pick-up time and do not allow access to child-used areas.  During the bulk of the day, parent KeyCards do not work.  At our Canton Center, parents can enter our vestibule only and ring our doorbell to alert staff that they have arrived.

School Security

Out of an abundance of care and caution for the children in our care, we do not allow people we do not know into the building to walk through.  We are occasionally asked if we can give a tour of the building.  We can assure our families who have their children enrolled with us that we will not allow individuals into our building whom we do not already know and have a history with.

Paradigm schedules repair work outside of operating hours whenever possible.  In the event, a repair person must be on the premises during operating hours safety protocols are exercised.

We are honored to have the children we are so lucky to watch grow in our care and their safety and well-being are our number one priority. Additionally, we are thankful their young minds are not burdened by past tragedies and pray for a better tomorrow.

Our Response to Safety & School Security