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Young Bridgers

Young Bridgers

Developmentally, there is a big difference between a child who has just turned two and a child who is almost three. Therefore, we have created two classes for our 2-year-olds the Young Bridgers (2- 2 ½) and the Old Bridgers (2 ½- 3).

Young Bridger Program

Young Bridgers continue to build on the skills they were working on in the Mobile Toddler class. They polish their color and shape recognition and continue to develop their large motor and fine motor skills. They build vocabulary with word of the day lessons and practice discrimination of objects through sorting and classifying.  They also learn how to be an important part of a classroom family with experiences in sharing, taking turns, using kind words, and helping to respect and care for their learning environment.

Paradigm believes potty training happens when that individual child is developmentally ready.  When they begin to show signs of readiness, Paradigm teachers, many who are moms themselves, will work with you and your child on this exciting journey!