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The Kirby Family
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I want to take a moment to express how pleased we are with Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center.  When we took our first tour and realized Paradigm is much more than a “standard daycare center,” we became excited to have our 3-month old son in an environment that not only attends to his individual needs, but also provides him significant opportunities to grow developmentally, socially, and cognitively. As a parent, I am confident our now almost 2-year old has excelled largely in part to full time attendance at Paradigm.  He verbalizes tremendously, is polite, follows instructions, and has mastered motor skills quickly. One of his favorite activities is helping others-especially all his teachers he loves so much.  I am more than pleased with your curriculum emphasizing early childhood education, extracurricular activities and refraining from children being held in a single room all day. As a public health professional, I am assured that Paradigm far exceeds the standards of a quality childcare facility.  All of the measures that are recommended to protect young children and improve their health in a childcare setting are taken seriously and strongly evident.  From educating parents about reducing illness and thoroughly cleaning the facility throughout the day, to serving healthy lunches and teaching the children healthy habits, Paradigm is top notch. We could have chosen the worksite daycare literally steps away from my office, but we knew Paradigm would be the standout choice for our family.  We look forward to adding baby #2 to the Paradigm family this fall! Thanks so much for all you do.