Our daughter Tenley

Our daughter Tenley
March 9, 2015

Our daughter Tenley has been enrolled at Paradigm for nearly eight months now, and I cannot say enough how happy I am with our decision to bring her here. While the facility and the variety of programs and activities offered initially caught our attention, it has been the care from the staff that has blown us away. From the very first day, everyone was warm and welcoming, and every staff member knew my daughter’s name long before we knew theirs.

All of the staff members we’ve come in contact with are wonderful, but her teachers in the infant room are absolutely exceptional. The time, attention and love they give Tenley is unbelievable. Even though she’s an infant, they challenge her and teach her new things every day! They give us constant updates on her progress and create projects to celebrate holidays and special occasions. They are excited to see her every morning, and always have hugs and kisses for her when she leaves.

Tenley loves being at school and she loves being with her teachers. Not only has our daughter grown these last few months, but thanks to her teachers we have as well. As new parents, it’s great to be able to ask advice and get suggestions and tips from her teachers (who are mothers as well!) I always feel like I can go to them with questions or to ask for help when I need it. They go above and beyond to help us out and let us know that they care. Going back to work and choosing a daycare was tough, but the quality of care and the integrity of the staff members at Paradigm made the process so much easier.

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