Grammar for Young Children

Grammar Tips for 3 -4 year old preschool kidsEncouraging Your Child to Use Proper Grammar

We all know how important establishing good habits are with our kids. It takes work, dedication, and patience to help our young ones learn good grammatical habits. Building a foundation for good grammar starts when they are young and will help them as they go into the world. Here are some cool tips and tricks to encouraging your young one to start using proper grammar.


Reading to your child has a plethora of benefits, one of which is hearing and using correct grammar in context. By reading to your child every night you encourage not only their personal development, imagination, and reading comprehension, but you also build the foundation for their English and grammatical knowledge.

Consistency and Patience

Children do well when consistency is in place and for correcting the grammatical error, while sometimes tedious, needs this as well. Staying consistent will help them understand the basic rules of English. Just remember to be patient when correcting your child, even if it’s the millionth time.

Making Word games

Make it a fun activity and you’ll help your child learn faster. Perfect for car rides while running errands, fun at the dinner table, or before bedtime. Rhyming games, opposite games, in older children playing a synonym and antonyms.

Be Willing to Break and Bend the Rules

With time comes a change in written and spoken language. Some of the nuances of the English language has changed, and shouldn’t be strictly enforced. Informal English is prone to bending and breaking the rules, so why hold your child to the standards for formal English? Let them get the foundation concepts, then expand upon them.

Rewarding Good Behavior

When a concept finally sticks, or they’ve finally mastered some forms of conjugation, make sure to acknowledge and praise this behavior. Stickers, extra play time, or even just a high five can do the trick. Celebrate the milestones and encourage growth in your little one. 

These tips can be helpful for any parent. At Paradigm, we offer 3 – 4 year old preschool programs as well that can help with English grammar and writing. Our preschool programs help your child learn the alphabet and writing among other important skills.

We hope that these grammar tips have helped you realize that some of the daily activities you do with your children are helping them in many different ways. At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center, we practice these with all our children at both our Canton and Waterford Michigan locations! You can do it at home, get creative, learn how your child learns, and most importantly be present. Don’t miss the milestones, and make sure to remember to laugh and have fun!