February Announcements

We here at Paradigm want to keep you informed about everything going on at each of our locations. So we decided to write about them on our blog. February has a lot of fun activities and events going on, plus February means Valentine’s day parties for all the classes! We’re excited to share all the February announcements with you, so let’s get started!

February Announcements Reminders:

Waterford’s spring fundraiser will take place Wednesday, February 8, 2017, through Wednesday, February 22, 2017.  This fundraiser will help us save up for fun learning items that help with early childhood development. The past fundraisers were able to help us with purchases like the Flight Lab and the Magnetic Wall, which the kids love. The funds from this fundraiser are potentially going to help us save up for a BEAM virtual playground projector!  You can order your items from the catalog you should be receiving soon.

Classes will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the week of February 13th. Information and details about the party will come from your child’s teacher. Please contact us if you’ve not received this information in the next week or so.

This month 3 and 4-year-oldsFebruary Announcements will be receiving their evaluations from both Paradigm locations. Keep an eye out in the later part of the month for these. If you want to discuss these evaluations please give us a call and we can set up a time to talk about them.

It’s Hard to Fix a Wrinkled Heart

Enrichment Students learned (the last week of January) about how words sometimes hurt and are working on being kinder to each other this month and moving forward. (Below is a copy of the lesson they will complete and take home the week of Jan 30th)

“Today we read a favorite book, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. The kids really enjoyed it and it generated a lot of discussion about feelings. We told them books are so special because they help us learn about being an important part of the world. We will read this book again because no matter how many times you read a book, each time is like opening a gift!

This time we really thought about and discussed the main character’s feelings and the author’s message. As we read the book, everyone held a paper heart. Each time Chrysanthemum was teased because of her name, the kids crumpled up their paper heart. Every time someone did something nice to her, the kids tried their best to smooth it out. By the end of the story, the heart was a wrinkled mess that could not be smoothed out perfectly. The kids understood the connection that our own heart feels wrinkled and crumpled sometimes when we don’t like what someone says. Words do hurt. We then tried to put a Band-Aid on the heart as a way to show that we can own our mistakes and apologize. The heart will probably still be wrinkled, but it is healing.”