School Aged Program At Paradigm Child Care

Paradigm Child Care and Enrichment school aged programHere at Paradigm, we encourage parents to keep us informed of their child’s progress after they’ve left our program. We love to hear about how our students have grown and the milestones they’ve crossed. One way that we stay in touch with our old students is through our school-aged program. Our school age program is perfect for older students who need a place to be while regular school isn’t in a session that will continue educated them. This program is open to any Paradigm student until age 12 and can be done on a regular or sporadic basis.

Once your child has completed the Paradigm program and has moved onto Kindergarten, know that we are here if needed. We provide a safe and educational structured environment that your school-aged child can utilize any time you may need it. We offer short and long term enrollment for students. This can be ideal in cases if your child’s school having a snow day, mid-winter break, conferences, or if you need a place for you child during the summer break.

Summer Program For School aged 5-12-Year-Olds At Paradigm

Our school age program is perfect for when you need a place for your child during that encourages learning and foster’s their development. We have age-appropriate lesson plans we cater to each age group to help when school isn’t in session. Here at Paradigm make sure that they are still learning and developing even if they’re not in school. We offer a full day of educating and activities for you child enrollment as well as temporary as well.

We are always willing to have our young kids come back into the Paradigm family. Simply give us a call as soon as you think your school-aged child will need our program. Please contact your Paradigm location for details about our school-aged program as each location is different.