Teething and Your Infant

teething baby

If your infant has recently become fussier and is having problems sleeping at night one thought is they might have started teething. Babies start to teeth anywhere from 6 to 12 months of age but have been documented as early as 3 months. This time is when their baby teeth will come in and will breakthrough or “erupt” through the gums.

This process can cause your baby discomfort and may make them more irritable, but it is only temporary. By the age of three, your child should have a full set of baby teeth and will keep them until their adult teeth come in around age 6.

Your Infant and Teething

While some babies will let you know they are teething weeks before a tooth ever emerges and some may not show symptoms at all.

Some Signs To Look For:
-Biting and gnawing
-Irritability in the day, fussy
-Drooling more than normal
-Puffy gums
-Sleepless at night
-Biting and gnawing
-Decreased appetite

Keep An Eye Out:
-Fever that is over 100 degrees
-Lack of Appetite (this is also a common sign as well, but when coupled with other symptoms can be a red flag)
-Throwing up

If your child experiences one of these symptoms coupled with a fever, a pediatrician should be consulted.

Ways To Treat and Help Your Teething Infant
-Give them something to chew on such as a teething toy
-With a clean finger, rub your child’s gums for temporary relief
-Chilled items such as teething toys or thick rags (the cooling sensation will help)
-If your child is eating solid foods chilling soft things like applesauce and mashed food

Things To Avoid :
-Freezing soft foods like bananas and other items that can cause a choking hazard
-Some holistic remedies contain things that can be harmful to a baby’s health. Make sure you do your research before purchasing any kind of holistic remedy
-If you feel your child needs pain relief, consult with your pediatrician
-Topical rubs that have benzocaine in them.

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