Keeping Kids Safe With Summer Fun and Sun

Kids are finally out of school and for most, their days are spent outside in the sunshine and warm temperatures. As a parent, it’s important to make sure that your child is safe during the heat of the summer. We understand this all too well with our summer child care programs now in full swing. Here are some of our suggestions for things to pay attention to, that will help keep your kids safe while they enjoy their summer fun in the sun!

Summer Health Risks

It is important to know what you should look for while your children are playing outside. The biggest health risks that children face during the summer are sun exposure and dehydration. Even under an overcast, sun exposure is always a risk. Too much time in the sun can lead to conditions like heat stroke or sunburns. So, keep a close eye on your children as they play outside. Another thing to worry about is dehydration. During the summer, water leaves the body faster. As a result, people are at greater risk of dehydration than in other seasons. It is important to drink more water during this time, especially when you are spending time outside.

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in Summer:

keeping chid safe summer fun

  • Apply Sunscreen- Even under an overcast your child can experience more sun exposure than you may think. Utilizing a good sunscreen and reapplying it after exposure to the pool or sprinklers can help eliminate the risk of sunburn. Wearing a hat can also help protect your child’s face and scalp. Playing a severe sunburn or too much sun exposure can result in sun poisoning which may lead to hospitalization. It is recommended to take a break from direct sunlight every 20 minutes.
  • Hydrate- Ensuring that children drink a lot of water and fluid is very important. Often times children get so caught up in playing they forget to hydrate. Reminding your child to drink water, or giving them popsicles are great ways to help with hydration. The heat and sunshine can quickly cause dehydration. Make sure to drink water!
  • Proper protective wear- During certain activities such as swimming, or bike riding safety is a must. Helmets or life vests are some of the most commonly overlooked safety items for children. Be sure to know the importance of wearing a helmet or life jacket.
  • Indoor Activities- When it’s just too hot outside, keep them active indoors. Active games and doing summer crafts will keep them safe and healthy.

At Paradigm Childcare and Enrichment Center child safety is our top priority. We want to make sure every child has a safe and fun summer! We hope you keep our tips in mind as you and your children enjoy the summer!

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