Daily Schedule for Infants

Daily Schedule for Infants

A daily schedule for infants or set routine helps the child adapt to their environment. Breaking the schedule or routine with big unexpected changes can lead to a stressful time for a child. Also familiar patterns and routines help the infant relax with relief from the chaos. New born babies have trouble sensing the difference between night and day. Furthermore, a routine of scheduled sleeping at night can help establish their circadian rhythm.

This does not mean you should have a strict sleep schedule for your new born, but slowly start incorporating regular sleep and eating times. Exposing your child to sun and light while awake, can help them start to tell the difference between night and day.  By starting to develop a routine and schedule, it can help with child development. So when you decide upon a infant daycare, you should consider their infant daycare schedule.

Infant daycare schedule at Paradigm

At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center, our daily schedule for infants is base don the schedule the parent keeps for their child. For feeding of babies, we can feed them on demand or on a schedule depending on how the parent has it set. We also provide a infant daycare room for mom’s that want to come in and breastfeed their child. Also we are comfortable with breast-milk for feedings when the mother cannot come in.

An infant daycare schedule or routine is important to the child. In addition, we like to maintain the schedule put in place by the parent. We also maintain a nap schedule that is unique to the child’s needs. Our sleeping area for infants has individual cribs in a darker and quieter room that is away from the play and eating areas.

Daily Schedule for Infants and Activities

Activities for infants in daycare are provided, such as stroller walks when the weather is nice. We also provide other infant daycare activities to keep your baby happy and engaged. If you would like to learn more about our infant daycare program or have questions about our infant daycare schedules or procedures, give us a call at 248.363.9800 or 734.354.9600. At Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center we provide the best care for your infant.