Reading To Babies or Toddlers and It’s Benefits

As parents, we hear over and over again the benefits of reading to babies or toddlers. If you think about it, as an adult, reading is a major part of our everyday lives. Introducing your baby or toddler to reading early helps with language skills and cognitive development.

It’s Never Too Early For Reading To Babies or Toddlers!

You may think that reading your child a bedtime story is just a way to soothe them into their nightly slumber. But, did you know there are many benefits to reading to a baby or toddler? Here are just some of the ways that reading to your baby helps with their developmental skills:Reading To Babies or Toddlers and It's Benefits

  • Introduces them to communication skills such as listening, vocabulary, or memory.
  • Letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, or colors are introduced.
  • Introduces them to new subjects, objects, or actions.
  • Ignites their imagination!

Not only does reading encourage positive development during early childhood, but it is also fun for your child to hear different stories!

Reading Is More Than Just A Good Book!

There are many ways that you can incorporate reading into your child’s daily routine. Sometimes we don’t always have time to sit and read a book. Toy companies such as V-Tech or LeapFrog have come out with many educational, yet fun, toys for babies or toddlers. Even young school-age children can benefit from toys or games that are centered around reading.

Reading Is a Gateway To Your Child’s Imagination!

Reading To Babies or Toddlers and It's BenefitsSure you may be reading a story to your child. Or they may be listening to one of their toys read to them. But while listening and comprehending the story, their brain will paint a picture of that story in their head. Their imagination is kicked into gear and they develop cognitive images for how they interpret what is being read to them, or what they are reading.

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